Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to Use Saubhagya Matrimony Site

Saubhagya Matrimony site is here to help men and women find ideal matrimonial alliance. Using this site is safe and easy.

How to Create a Free Profile

Just fill the signup form. Give as much detail as possible. This makes it easier for us to locate your ideal matches faster. Fill as much fields as possible. Potential matches can easily locate you this way. To create a free profile, go to:

Is it Free?

Yes. services are free for a limited period.

Who Can Contact Me?

Anyone who finds your profile interesting can contact you. You can also contact profiles that you find interesting.

How can I find a match here?

Create a complete profile by filling as many fields as possible. This will allow you to narrow your searches based on your preferences. When others search for profiles similar to you, they can easily find if you are a good match or not.

Who can register?

Any woman above the age of 18 and man over the age of 21 can create a profile. People below those ages are not allowed to create a matrimonial profile. Parents can also create a profile for their sons and daughters.

When will you start charging for the services?