Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Serve Food Without Making Guests Wait in Queue

Do you hate it when your guests wait for food? I'm with you. I too don't like waiting for food. With this simple system, your guests can get the food – when they want it, and without the waiting.

Keep in mind, this doesn't work for sadya served on banana (plantain) leaf. Here is the plan . . .

Plan Buffet Serving

In addition to normal serving at tables, you can also have a buffet table, from where guests can quickly collect their favorite food items and enjoy the food, while relaxing outside.

There will be a big rush of guests – immediately after the wedding ceremony or when a big batch of guests arrive as a single unit. Bring in that buffet system for such a rush.

You can serve food normally in the regular hall, where the tables are set. When the seating capacity is over, you can direct them to a buffet table.

Your guests can pick a plate, fill their plates with their favorite items and enjoy the meal without waiting for the whole batch of guests finishing their food. Just make sure there are enough chairs outside, where the guests can comfortably enjoy the meal.

This works when food is served on a plate (and not on plantain leaves) and when there are only a few items - main dish and two-three side dishes to serve.