Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tips to Purchasing Gold for Wedding

Among many other things, Indian weddings are also a celebration of gold jewelry. Fully covering the bride with gold ornaments was a practice specially designed to show off the wealth. Not any more. Less is more.

You can go classy with two-three chains, a few bangles on each hand, a tiny pair of ear-rings and one ring on your finger.

However, for the bride, her wedding day is the best day to wear as much gold as possible – often with several necklaces, hair ornaments, waist band, and bangles up to the elbow.

That is big show of luxury. Keeping a few points in your mind can help you make good choices while purchasing gold.

Big necklaces:- Usually are very thin and can easily lose shape. While the big necklaces appear brilliant on photos, its safekeeping is a difficult affair. Make arrangements with the jeweller to exchange the jewelry after the wedding event. And ask for a good deal so that you can exchange big necklace for same weight of jewelry.

Bangles:- Look for bangles that don't lose shape. Pick strong, heavy and solid ones instead of thin, lightweight and showy.

Buy gold at least one month before the wedding day. And keep it safe in a bank locker. Don't forget to take home at least one working day before the wedding. After wedding, take it to the bank locker as early as possible. In other words, stay safe.

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